18/24 – Master Class for Singing (Iven)
  • 1. May 2024
  • 5. May 2024
16/24 – Master Class for Trumpet (Läubin)
  • 1. July 2024
  • 5. July 2024
33/24 – Master Class for Singing (Kelling)
  • 5. April 2024
  • 8. April 2024
8/24 – Master Class for Piano (Bellheim)
  • 26. February 2024
  • 1. March 2024
Our Lecturers
Prof. Christian Altenburger
Altenburger, Christian
Prof. Hariolf Schlichtig
Schlichtig, Hariolf
Claudio Estay
Estay, Claudio
Prof. Galina Vracheva
Vracheva, Galina
Goldmund Quartett
Goldmund Quartett
Chamber music
Prof. Stefan Arnold
Arnold, Stefan
Prof. Dorin Marc
Marc, Dorin
Double bass
Prof. Siegfried Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Siegfried
Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht
Lieberknecht, Andrea
Prof. Christiane Iven
Iven, Christiane
International Music Centre Haus Marteau
Master Classes

The Bezirk Oberfranken has been offering master classes in almost all subjects of classical music every year since 1982.

International Lecturers

Under the guidance of distinguished artistic personalities, talented young people refine their playing.

Final Concerts

Almost all courses end with a final concert in the artists´ villa or at selected locations in Upper Franconia.

Spectacular Concert Hall

The subterranean concert hall impresses with its excellent acoustics and its captivating architecture.

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