The 13-year-old Henri Marteau made his breakthrough into a world career in Vienna in 1887. Until then, he had “only” performed in France and Germany.

Tailcoat from Henri Marteau
Henri Marteau's original tailcoat was acquired by the Freundeskreis Haus Marteau e.V. and donated to the house. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)
Worldwide Concert Activity
Henri Marteau's first US Tour
The young Marteau already made headlines on his first tour of the USA. (Photo: Atelier Nadar/Musical Courier)

After his studies in Paris, Henri Marteau also achieved great success with his concert tours in America in 1893 and 1894. In a total of five tours of North America, he played about 250 concerts in the U.S. as well as some in Canada.

In the late summer of 1894 he toured Scandinavia for the first time. Thanks to Marteau’s attachment to Scandinavian music, numerous tours followed, especially through Sweden. Of his approximately 670 recordable concerts in Scandinavia, 550 took place in Sweden.

He also gave concerts in Eastern Europe, conducting a first tour there in 1898. The easternmost concert venues were Kazan, Russia, located on the Volga River, and Baku, now the capital of Azerbaijan. There is hardly a European country where Henri Marteau did not perform. He even played in Iceland in later years. In the south of Europe he reached as far as Athens, and finally beyond the European continent into the Near East as far as Egypt and Israel.

Famous Concert Venues

Throughout his career, Henri Marteau played more than 3,000 concerts worldwide, two-thirds of them outside the present countries of Germany and France. In the process, he gave concerts in such famous houses as:

  • Concertgebouw (Amsterdam)
  • (Old) Philharmonic Hall (Berlin)
  • Boston Music Hall (Boston)
  • Gewandhaus (Leipzig)
  • Carnegie Hall (New York)
  • Metropolitan Opera House (New York)
  • Royal Opera House (Stockholm)
  • Großer Musikvereinssaal (Vienna)

In addition to the large concert halls, he also played in halls of colleges, clubhouses, spa houses, town halls and municipal theaters, schools and gymnasiums.

Concert with Henri Marteau
Henri Marteau was once a celebrated violin virtuoso. (Photo: unknown)