Concert Hall

Piano in the Concert Hall
Concerts and lessons have been taking place in the hall since August 2021. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

The subterranean teaching and concert hall of the International Music Centre impresses with its excellent acoustics as well as its spectacular architecture.

Concert Setting before the Renovation
From 1982 to 2017, the final concerts were held in the former dining hall and library. Here, the visibility, space and acoustic conditions were insufficient. (Photo: Erhard Hoffmann)
Concert Hall at Haus Marteau
Concert Hall Opening Glemser and Probst
The concert hall was ceremoniously opened on 27.08.2021 with a concert by Prof. Bernd Glemser and Tassilo Probst. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

The subterranean concert hall of Haus Marteau forms a spectacular backdrop for the final concerts of the master classes of the International Music Centre.

Up to 13-metre-long, interlocking granite peaks on the ceiling and walls fan out the space and impress visitors with an imposing play of light and shadow, in short: they create a fabulous spatial effect.

Architect Peter Haimerl laid out the concert hall almost entirely underground in the southern part of the park so as not to weaken either the park or the villa. Haimerl’s concept for the teaching and concert hall is also oriented towards the area’s past as a mining site.

In the four rows of seats on either side of the 66 m2 stage, the audience is spatially and sonically very close to the musical action. The teaching and concert hall, located at the side below the artists’ villa, is 13×13 metres in size, barrier-free accessible and offers space for up to 100 guests.

The concert hall and the artist´s villa can be visited. Current dates can be found under guided tours. Vouchers for the final concerts and opening concerts as well as the master concerts can be ordered by calling 0921 604-1608 or info[at]

Supra-regional Appeal

“The hall designed by the well-known architect Peter Haimerl, which has been praised by the public and the specialist press alike, offers the very best conditions for concerts and teaching,” says District President Henry Schramm enthusiastically. The room design focuses on critical listening and interaction with the audience.

In 2016, the District Assembly of Upper Franconia made the decision to build the new hall, and the groundbreaking ceremony took place in 2017. Numerous hurdles still had to be overcome before the opening in summer 2021. Of course, the installation of the 33 huge granite spires weighing several tonnes, which create a magnificent spatial effect with their accentuated lighting, was also extremely exciting.

“Our underground structure, a world first, is an attraction in the region. The magnificent final concerts of the master classes and the Henri Marteau International Violin Competition, first-class cultural experiences, find an excellent setting with the new imposing structure,” continues the District President.

District President Henry Schramm at the 40th Anniversary of Haus Marteau
"Lichtenberg and Upper Franconia have been enriched by a visual and acoustic attraction that has great charisma!" says District President Henry Schramm. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)
Haus Marteau in Lichtenberg
Concert hall Haus Marteau
Concert hall Haus Marteau (Photo: Patrick Findeiß)

The concert hall of Haus Marteau was part of the BR programme “Zwischen Spessart und Karwendel” in 2021. In the programme “Das Haus Marteau in Lichtenberg”, viewers are given an insight into the production of the granite tops at the Kusser Granitwerke in Aicha vorm Wald and their installation in the concert hall in Lichtenberg.

Impressions of the Concert Hall