Here you will find answers to the most important questions about the concerts, Haus Marteau and the master classes. Can´t find your question? You can contact us by e-mail at info[at] or by telephone at 0921 604-1608.

Concert Hall Seating
Custom-made chairs offer comfort during concerts. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)
Bookcase Haus Marteau
Much of the furniture in Haus Marteau still comes from Henri Marteau's estate. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)
Information about Attending the Concerts

We recommend reserving tickets for the concerts well in advance. If you are planning to attend a concert at short notice, we recommend calling in advance on 09288 6495 from 4 pm on the day of the concert to enquire about free tickets.

The reserved tickets are deposited for you at the box office and can be paid for there in cash or by card.

There are numerous parking spaces available on the property. Access to the house is barrier-free.

There is free seating. Therefore, we recommend that you pick up your reserved tickets half an hour before the concert starts.

Call 0921 604-1608 or info[at] for vouchers for musical events at Haus Marteau.
The vouchers are available for the final concerts of the master students (10 euros), for the opening concerts of the lecturers (25 euros) and for the master concerts with stars of the international classical music scene (25 euros).
The vouchers are not assigned to a specific concert, so prior reservation at is essential.

Information about the House

Haus Marteau is the former residence of the violin virtuoso Henri Marteau in Lichtenberg (Upper Franconia). Since 1982, the Bezirk Oberfranken has been running the International Music Centre Haus Marteau here and offers about 40 master classes in classical music with renowned lecturers every year.

Henri Marteau (1874-1934) was a world-famous violinist of his time. He gave concerts throughout Europe, the Middle East and the USA. At the same time, he taught as a professor at various conservatories and music academies, including Geneva and Berlin. He died in 1934 in his villa in Lichtenberg (Upper Franconia).

Haus Marteau is located on the outskirts of Lichtenberg (Upper Franconia). The postal address is:
Internationale Musikbegegnungsstätte Haus Marteau
Lobensteiner Straße 4
95192 Lichtenberg

You can reach Haus Marteau directly by car or travel to Lichtenberg by public transport.

By car: Motorway A9 Munich-Berlin, exit Berg / Bad Steben / Lichtenberg, via Berg, Issigau and Hölle to Lichtenberg (10 km).

By train: Long-distance trains to Hof a. d. Saale, then by bus to Lichtenberg (stop Feuerwehr or Café Bellevue) or by regional train to Bad Steben, from there by bus or taxi to Lichtenberg (3 km). Long-distance trains are also possible to Saalfeld a. d. Saale, change trains there to Blankenstein, from there by bus or taxi to Lichtenberg (4 km). Information about train and bus connections is available at

With the Hofer Landbus: Between 6 am and 11 pm Haus Marteau is connected to this flexible local public transport from Bad Steben, Berg, Geroldsgrün, Lichtenberg and Naila. The Hofer Landbus has no fixed timetable and can be booked via an app or by phone (09281 3033).

The entrance to Haus Marteau, the ground floor and the garden floor with the adjoining concert hall are completely barrier-free. Only the upper floor could not be made barrier-free. Attendance at concerts in the house and participation in courses is possible without restriction.

The International Music Centre Haus Marteau is an institution of the Bezirk Oberfranken. It is run by the department Kultur- und Heimatpflege.

We are pleased that you would like to support the International Music Centre Haus Marteau. The easiest way to support the work of the house is through the Freundeskreis Haus Marteau e.V.
For more information, please visit

You can obtain publications on Henri Marteau and his work from the shop of the Bezirk Oberfranken. You can find a list of publications and information material under Publications.

You can visit Haus Marteau on guided tours. You can find dates for these under Guided tours. Individual arrangements are also possible for groups. Please send enquiries to info[at]

Rentals are possible, taking into account ongoing operations. Please send enquiries to info[at]

Information on Course Registration

The master classes are mainly aimed at young musicians who already have an advanced musical education or a career that has begun.

The annually varying range of courses includes singing and numerous classical music instruments, including violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, piano, bassoon, flute, clarinet, oboe, percussion and various ensemble courses.

Please refer to the course description for the requirements for the respective course. Please enclose a short curriculum vitae with your registration, providing information in particular about your artistic career.

An overview of the countries for which a visa is required for entry into Germany can be found here:

As a rule, registration can only be considered if we receive it four weeks before the course starts. Early registration is recommended as admission to courses is mostly based on the date of receipt of registrations.

The course fee is between 200 € and 390 € (percussion 470 €) for active participation or 100 € respectively 125 € for passive participation. Please refer to the course description for the course fee for your course.

The course fee includes participation in the course and, for piano and percussion courses, the use of the instruments in the house. Accommodation and meals must be organised by the course participants themselves and at their own expense. Lunch is provided in the house on the course days for a small contribution towards expenses.

The Freundeskreis Haus Marteau e.V. awards grants for accommodation and meals according to its own guidelines. In individual cases, the Bezirk Oberfranken awards scholarships to promote exceptional talent upon application by the course leader. Information on the procedure is available on the website of the Freundeskreis or on request from us.

Please transfer the full course fee in due time to the account you will be given after your registration. Participants residing in a country outside the SEPA area [] can pay cash in euros at Haus Marteau at the beginning of the course without additional fee.

You will be informed of the respective deadline after your registration in the registration confirmation. However, you should have transferred the course fee at least three weeks before the course starts.
The transfer of the full course fee is a prerequisite for the acceptance of your registration. Please be sure to state the course number as the reason for payment when making the transfer. In case of late payment at the beginning of the course, a late fee of 15 € will be charged. Participants residing in a country outside the SEPA area [] can pay cash in euros at Haus Marteau at the beginning of the course without additional fee.

If you cancel up to 14 days before the start of the course, the course fee will be refunded to you except for a processing fee of 15 €. For cancellations after this date, the course fee must be retained in full. A partial refund cannot be made if the course is terminated prematurely.

If the course has to be cancelled by the lecturer or the Bezirk Oberfranken, the course fee will be refunded to you immediately. The Bezirk Oberfranken is not liable for any costs incurred in connection with a course cancellation. Please note the cancellation conditions when booking tickets and accommodation.

The maximum number of participants for the selected course can be found in the course description.

Registration does not guarantee a place in one of our master classes. The final selection of course participants is the responsibility of the lecturers. Three weeks before the course begins, you will receive notification as to whether you can participate in the course.

With passive participation you are allowed to watch/listen to the lessons of other course participants, but you do not receive any lessons of your own.

You will receive your invitation letter and further information on the course schedule as soon as you are admitted to the course. Usually this happens about three weeks before the course starts.

Information on the Course Schedule

The master classes usually last four or five days. Please refer to the course description for the exact dates of your course.

Classes are mainly held in German and, if necessary, in English. Some lecturers also speak other languages.

Depending on the structure of the course, you will receive both individual and group lessons. You can find out more details in the course description or on request.

The number and duration of the teaching units per person depends on the total duration of the courses and the number of participants. You can find out more details in the course description or on request.

Yes, provided you are under 18 or require an accompanying person for medical reasons. Please let us know in advance if you would like to bring an accompanying person. The accompanying person can only take part in your own classes, otherwise a passive participation fee must be paid for the accompanying person.

Your teaching sessions are undisturbed by spectators. The only persons who can attend the lessons without active participation are your own accompanying persons or passive participants.

Traditionally, most courses end with a final public concert.

Most of the final concerts take place at Haus Marteau. In individual cases, the concerts take place in other locations in Upper Franconia as part of the concert series Haus Marteau auf Reisen. We will inform you in good time where the final concert of your course will take place. Any transport to the concert venue will be provided free of charge.

Haus Marteau does not have an accommodation facility. Accommodation directories of Lichtenberg and the surrounding area can be found on the pages of the town of Lichtenberg and the Selbitztal region

The rooms in Haus Marteau are available to you on course days from 9 am to 8 pm.

Haus Marteau has a total of twelve teaching/practice rooms. The rooms are soundproofed to allow you to work undisturbed.

Our practice rooms are equipped with pianos from the piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne. On the ground floor (former dining room, library and bedroom) there is a Steinway B and a Steinway O grand piano for teaching purposes. In the concert hall there are two Steinway B pianos for lessons and concerts. In the master room is a Bösendorfer grand piano owned by Henri Marteau, and in the ladies' room is a Perzina grand piano owned by Blanche Marteau.

Other instruments in the house:
a Yamaha electric piano
a Hemsch Neupert harpsichord
an Orff instrument set

Yes, free wifi access is available for the duration of your course.

Yes, you can eat at Haus Marteau outside the exercise and teaching rooms. Lunch is provided during the courses.

Yes, you have various options in Lichtenberg to buy meals or snacks or to visit the local gastronomy.

The nearest ATM is in Bad Steben.

Yes, at the end of the course all participants receive a certificate of participation.