Marteau Archive

Master Room Display Cabinet
Marteau was often awarded medals by various royal houses after a concert. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

Marteau’s daughter Raymonde, called Mona, and her son Peter Linsmayer have been very involved in keeping the house a memorial to Henri Marteau and a music education center.

Bust of Mona Linsmayer-Marteau
Marteau's eldest daughter Mona endeavoured to preserve Haus Marteau and her father's estate. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)
Extensive Marteau Archive
Hubert Léonard
The Marteau Archive also contains a partial estate of Henri Marteau's teacher Hubert Léonard. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

The Marteau Archive of the Bezirk Oberfranken comprises a partial estate of the violinist and composer Henri Marteau (1874-1934), his second wife Blanche Marteau (1887-1977), and their son Eugen Henrik Marteau (1922-1942).

In addition, the Marteau Archive still contains the remains of the musical estate of Hubert Léonard (1819-1890), which his widow left to Henri Marteau, as well as documents that came about through contact between family archivist Georg Munzert (1903-1988) and the Marteau daughter Mona Linsmayer (1910-2012).

In order to make the holdings, which are relevant to musicology and regional studies, accessible for research, the estate was completely indexed in 2020/21 in a project at the Institute for Franconian Regional History at the Universities of Bamberg and Bayreuth, funded by the Upper Franconia Foundation. The resulting database offers a good starting point for research on the violinist’s life, the history of the Marteau house in Lichtenberg, Marteau’s importance for the region, musicological issues of the 19th and 20th centuries, and much more.

The database is currently not yet open to the public. The archives are stored at the Bezirk Oberfranken, at the department Kultur- und Heimatpflege, and can be viewed on request if there is a justified interest. You can reach the Marteau Archive at the following e-mail address: archiv[at]

Other parts of Henri Marteau’s estate – mainly sheet music and correspondence – are held by the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek).

Henri Marteau Death Mask
Various objects from Marteau's life and his death mask are on display in the showcase in the master's room. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)