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Administration & Registration
Dr. Ulrich Wirz
Dr Ulrich Wirz is the head of administration at Haus Marteau. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

Bezirk Oberfranken
Kultur- und Heimatpflege
Ludwigstraße 20
95444 Bayreuth

Dr. Ulrich Wirz, Head of Administration
Office of the Kultur- und Heimatpflege
+49 921 604-1606

Prof. Dr. Günter Dippold, Head of the Kultur- und Heimatpflege
Dr. Wolfgang Hegel, Office Management/Organization
Cornelia Walter, Administration/Course Registration
Carolin Lautner, Administration/Course Registration
Monika Hopf, Public Relations
Sophie Zeuß, Event organisation
Fyona Fugensi, Trainee

Office hours
Monday – Thursday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
Friday 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

International Music Centre Haus Marteau
Sabine and Andreas Förster
The caretaker couple in Haus Marteau: Sabine and Andreas Förster (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

Internationale Musikbegegnungsstätte Haus Marteau
Lobensteiner Str. 4
95192 Lichtenberg

Sabine and Andreas Förster, house management
+49 9288 550929
Prof. Christoph Adt, Artistic Director

You can reach Haus Marteau directly by car or by public transport to Lichtenberg.

By car: Motorway A9 Munich-Berlin, exit Berg / Bad Steben / Lichtenberg, via Berg, Issigau and Hölle to Lichtenberg (10 km).

By train: Long distance trains to Hof a. d. Saale, then by bus to Lichtenberg (stop Feuerwehr or Café Bellevue) or by regional train to Bad Steben, from there by bus or cab to Lichtenberg (3 km). Also possible are long-distance trains to Saalfeld a. d. Saale, change trains there to Blankenstein, from there by bus or cab to Lichtenberg (4 km). Information about train and bus connections is available at

With the Hofer Landbus: Between 6 am and 11 pm Haus Marteau is connected to a flexible public transport system from Bad Steben, Berg, Geroldsgrün, Lichtenberg and Naila. The Hofer Landbus has no fixed timetable and can be booked via an app or by phone (+49 9281 3033).

Bezirk Oberfranken
Head Office Bezirk Oberfranken
The head office of the Bezirk Oberfranken is located in Bayreuth. (Photo: Bezirk Oberfranken)

Bezirk Oberfranken
Cottenbacher Str. 23
95445 Bayreuth

Florian Bergmann, press spokesperson
+49 921 7846-43003