Artist’s Villa

Portrait of Blanche Marteau in the Former Bedroom
A painting of Blanche Marteau is displayed in the former bedroom. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

Haus Marteau is the International Music Centre of the Bezirk Oberfranken. It is located on the Franconian-Thuringian border in the small town of Lichtenberg (district of Hof).

View of the Hallway in Haus Marteau
The artists' villa is furnished with original interiors of Henri Marteau's upper middle-class house. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)
Haus Marteau as a Forge of Elite
Haus Marteau
The International Music Centre Haus Marteau was the residence of the violin virtuoso Henri Marteau. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

Since 1982, the Bezirk Oberfranken has been offering up to 40 master classes a year in almost all subjects of classical music in the former artist’s villa of the violinist Henri Marteau (1874-1934). In the historical ambience of Haus Marteau, young musicians can hone their skills with the help of renowned lecturers. The master classes traditionally end with a public final concert.

Every three years, young violinists from all over the world compete in the International Henri Marteau Violin Competition at the artist’s villa. Haus Marteau also enriches cultural life in Upper Franconia with the concert series “Haus Marteau auf Reisen“, the Jugendsymphonieorchester Oberfranken (Upper Franconia Youth Symphony Orchestra) and the 3-Klang project.

The artists’ villa and the concert hall can be visited. You can find current dates under guided tours.

Practice Rooms and Instruments

Haus Marteau has a total of twelve teaching/practice rooms, four of which are in the basement with a concert hall annex, two on the ground floor and six on the upper floor. The rooms are soundproofed to allow the participants of the master classes to work undisturbed.

The following musical instruments are available for the musicians of the master classes in Haus Marteau:

– six grand pianos (four Steinway & Sons, one Bösendorfer, one Perzina)
– eight pianos (Steingraeber & Söhne)
– one electric piano (Yamaha)
– one historical fortepiano
– one Hemsch Neupert harpsichord
– one Orff instrument set

Master Class in the Library of Haus Marteau
The master classes take place in the opulently furnished villa. (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)
Im oberfränkischen Höllental
Prof. Bernd Glemser
Prof. Bernd Glemser (Photo: Frank Wunderatsch)

The Künstlervilla Haus Marteau was part of the BR programme “Unter unserem Himmel” in 2021. In the programme “Im oberfränkischen Höllental”, viewers can look over the shoulders of the participants of the piano masterclass with Prof. Bernd Glemser from the 18th minute onwards.

Impressions of the Artist's Villa