Various event series and projects let the music of Haus Marteau resound throughout Upper Franconia and create links between music enthusiasts in the region.

Detailed View Violin
Every three years, Haus Marteau hosts the Henri Marteau International Violin Competition in honour of its namesake. (Photo: Archive Hofer Symphoniker)
Violin in front of Haus Marteau
The music welcomes you already in the front garden. (Photo: unknown)
Haus Marteau auf Reisen
HMaR-Concert Violin Neuenmarkt
The German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt provides a special backdrop for a concert. (Photo: Monika Hopf)
HMaR Concert Singing Kulmbach
With the concert series "Haus Marteau auf Reisen", selected courses carry the excellent reputation of the institution into the region. (Photo: Maria Lindl)

Since the opening of Haus Marteau in 1982, the top-class final concerts of the international master classes have enriched the musical life in Lichtenberg.

The steadily growing audience response and the limited space available in the artist’s villa led Prof. Peter Sadlo (1962-2016) to develop a concept for a new concert series.

In 2010, the concert series “Haus Marteau auf Reisen” started, supported by the participating municipalities, institutions and private sponsors. By holding the final concerts not only in Lichtenberg, but at various locations throughout Upper Franconia, the entire region can participate in the artistic work at Haus Marteau.

Concert venues in past years have included:

  • Kaisersaal, Banz Monastery, Bad Staffelstein
  • St. Bartholomäus Church, Buttenheim
  • St. Gereon, Forchheim
  • Museums in the Mönchshof, Kulmbach
  • Egerland House of Culture, Marktredwitz
  • Moated castle, Mitwitz
  • Conference hall, Neustadt b. Coburg
  • Christ Church, Oberkotzau
  • Altenstadt Castle, Pegnitz

Are you interested in hosting a “Haus Marteau auf Reisen” concert? For modalities and possible dates contact us at info[at]

Jugendsymphonieorchester Oberfranken

The promotion of young people is a special concern of the Bezirk Oberfranken. Thus, Prof. Dr. Günther Weiß (1933-2007), artistic director of Haus Marteau for many years, founded the Jugendsymphonieorchester Oberfranken (Upper Franconia Youth Symphony Orchestra) in 1984.

In the week before Easter, around 60 young musicians from all over Upper Franconia come together for a week of rehearsals in Pottenstein and work on a demanding concert program under professional conditions and under the guidance of various orchestra lecturers.

Till Fabian Weser has conducted the Jugendsymphonieorchester Oberfranken (Upper Franconia Youth Symphony Orchestra) since 2012. He matches the level of difficulty of the works to the ability of the participants, so that they are challenged but not overtaxed. Final concerts after this rehearsal week give the musicians an appropriate podium to present their performance level in front of a larger audience. The participant fee of 230 € (siblings 150 € each) includes, in addition to the rehearsal work and the concerts, overnight accommodation incl. breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the bus transfer to the first concert.

Jugendsymphonieorchester Oberfranken
Every year, the Jugendsymphonieorchester Oberfranken (Upper Franconia Youth Symphony Orchestra) offers young musicians from the region the opportunity to rehearse a concert programme during an intensive working week. (Photo: Stephan Herbert Fuchs)
International Violin Competition Henri Marteau
Participant of the International Violin Competition Henri Marteau
The Henri Marteau International Violin Competition takes place every three years in the historic ambience of Haus Marteau. (Photo: Johannes Zrenner)

In 1999, on the occasion of Henri Marteau‘s 125th birthday, the Freundeskreis Haus Marteau launched the International Henri Marteau Violin Competition for the first time.

The competition, which has been held every three years since 2002, gives highly talented young musicians important impulses for their careers and promotes international understanding.

In order to secure the competition, which is quickly gaining international renown, in the long term, the association handed over the sponsorship to the Bezirk Oberfranken in 2007. The cultural enterprise Hofer Symphoniker was entrusted with the organisation. The Freundeskreis Haus Marteau continues to support the violin competition.

3Klang Concerts

The brass quintet Rekkenze Brass inspires young and old with its interactive 3Klang concerts.

With “music for body, mind and soul” the ensemble wants to build a bridge between the generations and plays in schools, kindergartens and social institutions. The goal is to give children and seniors access to music and bring them together with music.

3Klang Concert Rekkenze Brass
As part of 3Klang concerts, Rekkenze Brass perform in schools, kindergartens and social institutions. (Photo: Patrick Findeiß)