Rainer Böhm
Böhm, Rainer
Rainer Böhm teaches jazz piano and ensemble conducting at the University of Music in Nuremberg and at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim.
Steffen Schorn
Schorn, Steffen
Steffen Schorn has been a professor at the jazz department of the Nuremberg University of Music since 2001. There he leads the jazz composition class, teaches saxophone and ensemble playing and is artistically responsible for jazz lessons.
Prof. Gunter Teuffel
Teuffel, Gunter
Prof. Gunter Teuffel was Professor of Viola at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart until 2023 and teaches highly talented young violists at the Filum Music School's Talent Academy in Filderstadt.
Prof. Hariolf Schlichtig
Schlichtig, Hariolf
Hariolf Schlichtig has made a name for himself in the music world as a chamber musician, soloist and teacher. He was a member of the Cherubini Quartet for 19 years and has worked with Leonidas Kavakos, András Schiff, Emmanuel Pahud, the Alban Berg Quartet and the Ensemble Villa Musica, among others.
Baiba Skride
Skride, Baiba
Baiba Skride is one of the most distinguished violinists of our time and is recognised worldwide for her inspiring interpretations and her unmistakable violin tone.
Hsueh-Fong Chien
Chien, Hsueh-Fong
Hsueh-Fong Chien studied with Prof. Sontraud Speidel at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe and with Prof. Peter Eicher. She was a founding member of "Piano Podium Taiwan" and leads the "Crossplay Piano Ensemble".
Prof. Philip Draganov
Draganov, Philip
Philip A. Draganov is professor of violin at the Bern University of the Arts and also leads the violin class in the PreCollege Music of the Zurich University of the Arts. Since 2010, he has been artistic director of the Swiss International Music Academy of YOUTH CLASSICS.
Prof. Susanne Kelling
Kelling, Susanne
Susanne Kelling has been internationally active as an opera and concert singer for two decades since her first engagement in the "Junge Ensemble" of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. Today she is a professor of singing at the Nuremberg University of Music.
Prof. Christiane Iven
Iven, Christiane
Christiane Iven was internationally active as an opera and concert singer for three decades. Today, she is professor of singing at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich and also works as a director and coach.
Lars Woldt
Woldt, Lars
Prof. Lars Woldt was born in Herford in 1972. He studied singing with Martin Christian Vogel and composition with Giselher Klebe and Martin Christoph Redel at the University of Music in Detmold. Further vocal studies led him to KS Franz Crass.