Mishory, Gilead

Prof. Gilead Mishory

The pianist and composer Prof. Gilead Mishory was born in Jerusalem in 1960. On the recommendation of Alfred Brendel, he studied in Munich (Oppitz) and Salzburg (Leygraf).

Mishory was the first to record Janáček’s complete piano and chamber music works on CD. „Further recordings include works by Haydn, Brahms, Schubert, Bartók, Debussy and Clementi, as wall as his own compositions.“ With his cycle “Lider-Togbukh” for piano and pianist’s voice, premiered in 1998, he made his breakthrough as a composer. Since then he has written numerous works for various instrumentations, including a great deal of piano music. Two CDs with his own works for “Neos” (“Psalm” and “An Aeneas”) received the highest praise from the press. Children in many countries have already played pieces from his cycles “My Grandpa and I” and “My Grandma and I”. Prof. Gilead Mishory has been a professor in Freiburg since 2000 and has an excellent, very successful class at the University of Music there. He regularly conducts master classes and workshops all over the world.

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