30/23 – Ensemble Course and Workshop for Brass (Rekkenze Brass)

Master Class for Chamber Music

Ensemble course with Rekkenze Brass and Suren Babayan (French horn).

Main instrument: French horn. For fixed ensembles and individual participants. Fundamentals of wind technique, such as breathing, embouchure, intonation, practice techniques. Ensemble playing in small and large groups. Compilation of concert programmes, stage presence, concert practice etc.

5 August 2023: Brass workshop and final concert in Lichtenberg.

Number of participants: 15 – 25
Course fee: 250 €

Event Details
Rekkenze Brass
The brass quintet Rekkenze Brass - named after the Slavic name of a village settlement from which the town of Hof emerged - was founded in 1978 and has performed in over 20 countries including America and the Far East.
Course fee

Active participation: 250 €

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